Today, we already received the result of NCAE or National Career Assessment Examination. Well, I got good results on scientific ability, mathematical ability, and verbal ability, the same as in reading comprehension. This means that I can excel in mathematics and science which is good because I want to be an Accountant, Engineer, Mathematician or maybe I can take up Science related courses.

According to the result of the examination, I can be a Preschool teacher, Guidance Counselor, or a Post Graduate Professor for my first preference. Well I got to admit that it suits me, but not being a Guidance Counselor. I really want to be a professor or a teacher someday after pursuing my dream as an accountant or an engineer. I really hope I can pursue that dream. On my second preference, it says that I can be a Marine Biologist, Actuarial Mathematician, or Statistician. After seeing this I felt happy because it tells that I really can take up Science related courses which I really like. And lastly, the third preference indicated on the result are Accountant, Cashier, or a Warehouse Supervisor. Just remove being a cashier or a warehouse supervisor and think about being an accountant which I dreamed the most.

I was so happy seeing the result. It is like a dream come true to me. I really hope I can finish my studies and have a nice job in the future.

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